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Badri Helicopters is a leader in the Airline Industry, specializing in suppliers of luxury helicopters and charter aircraft. Badri Helicopters operates one of the finest Helicopter and Charter aircraft based in Delhi (India) and provides high quality service. With an emphasis on quality helicopter tours, pilgrimage tours, Indian tours, corporate travel, group travel, wedding and event planning, and airport transportation

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Badri Helicopters will take you to your destination in the most exclusive and safe way. With our exclusive Private Jet and Helicopter Charter flights, you can save time and money by eliminating the hassle of lengthy check-ins, aircraft changes and overnight stays commonly used by conventional airlines.
We have access to 100 plus planes and Helicopter Rental Services, so whatever your travel requirements are, we have the right plane available for you in no time.

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Helicopter Charter Services

Helicopter Charter Services

With our dedicated Helicopter Charter Services in India, we are experienced in providing professional helicopter charter services. We offer 24X7 helicopter services in India, a customized charter service that best.

Wedding Helicopter Service Provider

Wedding Helicopter Services

Badri Helicopters are Best Wedding Helicopters provider in India. The most popular choice is to often take couples to Vidai, enter Barat by helicopter, helicopter into the reception, or check out of the hotel in.

Kedarnath by helicopter

Pilgrimage Tour Services

Badri Helicopter tours are certainly one of the most exciting and new ways to experience a new destination. The thrill of flying and the magnificent views from the summit are an experience that will last for years to come.

Air Ambulance Services

Air Ambulance Services

Air Ambulance Service is the main reason why many patients return to their lives at the right time. In a critical situation, it is difficult to transport one person from the countryside to a multidisciplinary hospital located.

Helicopter Flower Dropping

Helicopter Flower Dropping

Helicopter Flower Dropping is a unique concept used during weddings, political rallies, religious ceremonies, election campaigns, family gatherings, and many other inaugural events. This is the best gift for.

Helicopter For Elections

Badri Helicopters, the best choice for campaign helicopter rental, takes care of all aspects such as safety, luxury and security of politics. There are many places in India, especially in the northeast, which are difficult to reach.

Book Helicopter For Wedding

Are you planning to Helicopter Rental Service Or Book A Helicopter during your Marriage ? If yes, Then we offer you our Wedding helicopter services to arrange grand entry and exit, helicopter guest transport, and flower dropping at a wedding venue in India. Booking a helicopter for your wedding will entertain and impress your guests and make your wedding celebration memorable and unique.

How Can You Make Your Wedding Unforgettable?

Wedding Trend In India 2021

The perfect wedding begins with a perfect entrance; Charter a helicopter for this Wedding purpose and arrive in style and make your entrance unforgettable. Nothing can beat this approach; When you step out of the helicopter, you are sure to leave a lasting impression on guests.

Flower Falling From The Sky

The shower of flowers is the best way to celebrate your love, and it can be even more beautiful if you use a helicopter for this purpose. There are so many possibilities to take amazing pictures when a bunch of rose petals is thrown on you and your partner from the sky.

Our Happy Clients!

I’m sure my experience was the same as that of thousands of others. The coolest thing was being a helicopter. The sites and the trip went smoothly. I would recommend taking the morning time. An enjoyable experience to see Uttrakhand by helicopter.


Ashutosh Tyagi

First time in a helicopter, first time in Badri Helicopters, there were many firsts that week. The pilot was from Delhi, which, as you can imagine, is quite local for us. Saw all the sights, absolutely amazing experience, yes! it was a little expensive for a 30 minute ride BUT it was a once in a lifetime event and we both saw so much in that time, highly recommend these guys, go for it !!!!


Ragini Sharma

The helicopter booking for Char Dham Yatra was done very well. The helicopter tour was amazing. I would definitely recommend Badri Helicopters Helicopter Rental Services.


Suresh Patel

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. 65000 – 115,000 per hour for Single Engine Helicopter Rent In India.
2. 180,000 – 250,000 per hour for Twin Engine helicopter Rent In India.

A minimum of 250,000 people or more in a 2 hour flight from Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore

1. 95,000 – 110,000 per hour for Single Engine Helicopter Rent In Mumbai.
2. 180,000-200,000 per hour for the VIP Twin Engine Helicopter Rent In Mumbai

The air ambulance services cost is generally based on an per hour basis. Approximately the cost per hour is around 95,000 to even lakhs.